What is Rack Crack?

We’ve created a high-quality mineral supplement and long-range attractant to help you draw in and develop bigger bucks. A blend of essential minerals, salt, naturally sweetened and fortified with a calcium compound to promote antler and body development. This combined with a long-range aromatic and flavoring to attract deer to your mineral beds is designed to aid in optimum herd development. Both bucks and does will benefit, directly and indirectly, from the addition of Rack Crack in your hunting area.

How Should I use Rack Crack?

We recommend finding an area where you know deer have been traveling. Next to game trails yield the best results. Clear an area 4-6 feet in diameter. Pour 10-20 lbs of Rack Crack in a pile or on stumps or logs. The long-range attractant will help the deer find the mineral bed and begin to frequent the area. For best results, begin using in early spring when the minerals are most needed for antler development. Continue using into the fall hunting season. Refresh your mineral bed with 5 to 10 pounds of Rack Crack every four to six weeks.