What is Rack Crack?

We’ve created a high quality mineral supplement and long range attractant to help you grow bigger bucks. The rest of the deer population will also benefit, both directly and indirectly, from the addition of Rack Crack in your hunting ground.

How Should I use Rack Crack?

We recommend finding an area where you know deer have been traveling. Clear an area 4-6 feet in diameter. Pour 10-20 lbs of Rack Crack in a pile or on logs. The long range attractant will help the deer find the minerals and begin to frequent the area.

It’s best to recheck your mineral sites every 4-6 weeks during the off season to reapply 5-10 lbs of Rack Crack.

What is in Rack Crack?

We could tell you but….. Ok. You’ve pried it out of us. We combine trace minerals, salt, molasses and dicalcium with a very powerful apple scented compound. These combine to create a tasty supplement that deer love. The dicalcium helps to develop larger racks, too. The trace minerals help to make up for any deficiencies that your deer experience in the wild. Both does and bucks will grow larger and stronger by having a full mineral supply available.