About Us

Left to right: Ryan, Tristan, and Chris checking in from the field.

Big Buck Labs was born from a passion for all things hunting, outdoors, and family. As avid hunters and outdoorsmen, it wasn’t a difficult decision for Ryan and Chris to take what they enjoy doing and share it with the rest of the world. And, as a family-owned business, they take pride in their brand name and quality of the products they provide.

Big Buck Labs develops and distributes high-quality deer mineral supplements and attractants for deer hunters around the world. Our products are made from only the best sources of feed, minerals, and aromatics available. Each batch of our product is made and tested with quality and effectiveness in mind. There are zero “fillers” or “by-products” in our products: only the best.

“We are a veteran-owned and operated family business, and proudly American. All of our products are developed and made in the United States of America. This is something we are unapologetically proud of.” – Team BBL


Chris always ready to go hunting!

Chris, co-owner of BBL, is an avid hunter, dedicated family man, and combat veteran. He spends most of his days working around the family property, hunting, shooting, and spending time with family.

Favorite rifle to hunt with: “Remington 700 308. Love the stopping power!”

Favorite time to hunt: “I love morning hunts, but I think I’ve been more successful in the evenings.”

Favorite hunting accessory: “Long johns! Can’t go wrong by dressing in layers. I’ve been on a few hunts, and some military exercises in my day, and didn’t have enough layers on; makes for a miserable hunt!”


Ryan ready for some action!

Ryan, Co-owner of BBL, also an avid hunter and dedicated family man, can be usually be found working hard at BBL or off-roading around the family property.

Favorite rifle to hunt with: “I’ve always been a fan of the 12 gauge slug. Harder for me to miss with a slug.”

Favorite time to hunt: “I’m an evening hunt person. There is no better way to unplug than to go get in the stand for a few hours in the afternoon.”

Favorite hunting accessory: “I recently picked up a new set of rangefinder binoculars. Takes the guesswork out of my shots.”

Tristan with a nice wall-hanger!


Tristan, our hard-working BBL team member is usually found shipping packages for you! He loves all things hunting and is quite the marksman, taking his first buck ever at 318 yards.

Favorite rifle to hunt with: “I have a Remington 243, with a nice Leopold scope on it that does pretty good.”

Favorite time to hunt: “Anytime! You can’t get anything sitting at home.”

Favorite hunting accessory: “I have a nice set of ear protection muffs, with sound amplification. They help me pick up sounds I might not normally hear on my own.”

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